Our journey began in 2011 and will only continue to encourage students to achieve their aspirations. Shaboom’s Inc. is a nonprofit organization that creates educational, military, and life opportunities through scholarships. All in honor of SGT James Christopher Robinson, Jr., who was killed in action in Afghanistan while serving his country.

Jimmy was a dedicated and selfless soldier who’s catchphrase SHABOOMS motivated his soldiers to fight on. We hope to honor Jimmy’s courageous actions, each time we proudly award high school students of his caliber of character with deserving scholarships.

Because of the generous support from our donors, students will be more prepared to reach their goals. They may pursue further education to then receive more rewarding employment, or to enlist in our country’s military. If they should choose to enlist, they would do so with a love for our nation with the support from their nation.

SHABOOMS wishes to honor a hero while generating a positive and fulfilling future for growing young adults.