Shabooms History

28 August 2010 to August 2017

SGT Jimmy was a Fire Team Leader in the 1st Battalion 187th Infantry Regiment,3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division on his third deployment in a combat zone. “Shabooms,” was a catch phrase he would voice to his men any time one of them lost focus on the Mission at hand. Shabooms was SGT Jimmy’s way of saying pay attention for the sake of your team and yourself.

SGT Jimmy was deployed in 2010 to Paktika Province, Afghanistan. In this region, mortar attacks were an every day occurrence; with rounds falling from the sky up to six days a week. On 28 August, 2010, SGT Jimmy and his platoon were operating out of FOB Borris with Afghan Soldiers when they came under Taliban mortar fire. While looking to seek safety, SGT Jimmy and his battle buddies tried to move locations. In the process, a mortar round landed in front of them, knocking several of the Soldiers to the ground. A Soldier from the group, SSG Reilly, picked up one of the Afghans and headed for cover. SGT Jimmy got to his feet and quickly followed behind, not realizing that he had been hit. As they arrived in the shelter, he told SSG Riley he thought his head was bleeding and then dropped. SSG Riley carried SGT Jimmy to the medic and he was then transported to Bagrahm Air Force Base for extensive medical treatment. While a severe leg wound he got was being tended to, it was unknown that he had taken shrapnel into his heart. The wound had been cauterized causing no external bleeding for the medics to see. After fighting for his country, SGT Jimmy was pronounced killed in action on that day.

We wanted to do something to memorialize SGT Jimmy, to keep his name and story alive so that the Hero from Middletown, that gave his life for our freedoms and Liberties, would never be forgotten. We decided to form a non profit charity Foundation to fund scholarships to local high school seniors in his name.




We raised enough money to award $3,000 in scholarships; $1,000 each to three local high schools.


Our goal going forward was giving $1,000 each to five local high schools. The police and first responders who were lined along the precession route of SGT Jimmy’s funeral were part of the five school districts that we chose. We met that goal by awarding $5,000 in scholarships and only set the next goal higher.


We awarded $8,500 in scholarships for the class of 2014, and made some changes to our Foundation. With a busy Fundraising schedule and record year, we were able to purchase a new 6’X10’ trailer to haul all of our supplies to and from events. $2,500 was also budgeted on Marketing and advertising.


We  raised the amount of our scholarships for 2015 and added two private schools to compete for our scholarships along with the five original high schools for a total of $11,000 in scholarships. This brings our grand total amount of scholarships to $27,500 in just four years!


In 2016 we were able to raise another $10000 with a $1000 Let Us Never Forget Scholarship Foundation award. At the end of 2016 we began undergoing changes that would begin to shape and reform Shaboom’s for the 2017 season. Time was taken to restructure the board of directors and events moving forward. We were given a grant by Dog Tag Brewing Foundation and plans on how to utilize the gracious gift began.


At the beginning of 2017 the newly formed board of directors made the decision to change the scholarship by opening the availability of the scholarship to all schools in Warren and Butler County. The scholarship amount also changed to ONE $10,000 scholarship to the chosen applicant. The very first $10,000 scholarship went to Zach Phillips of Springboro High School. New events began to emerge including Shaboom-a-polooza.

With your help we will continue to grow and honor SGT Jimmy! Please Donate today.