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April 2017 updates and more!

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April 2017

A lot has been going on!

We at Shaboom’s believe in keeping our donors and contributors informed. That being said, we wanted to let you all know that we are in the process of restructuring our foundation. We have had many changes on our board of directors, including a new president and a couple of new faces.

As many may have known our website was under construction for a while. We are overwhelmed with the continued support that our communities have shown. We are greatly appreciative to all those who continued to support Shaboom’s and honor our fallen hero Sgt. James C. Robinson.

The board of directors have been working hard on developing a new event and are very excited to get this event ready for all to enjoy this summer! Please keep checking our website and facebook for announcements on this new event!

Our Shenanigans Night was a huge success last year that we have also been planning another one! Shenanigans for Shaboom’s will be held on August 26th at the Old Crow Bar from 7pm to 2am (1217 Jackson Lane, Middletown Ohio 45044). This event will include live entertainment and a pin up contest! Don’t miss out. Check out our Shenanigans facebook page at