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August 17, 2015


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Shabooms 5th annual SGT. Jimmy Bike Ride


This will be a 100 mile country Bike ride to raise funds for local High school seniors scholarships.


Shabooms will be hosting their 5th Annual SGT. Jimmy Bike Ride Saturday September 19th 2015. They said the ride will be led by SGT. Jimmy’s parents and will be around a 100 mile country ride with one stop along the way. The ride will leave and return to the Clubhouse sports grille in Monroe , OH they said that registration will begin at 9am and the ride will leave at 11:30am and return around 3:30 pm for a fun post ride party with great food, live music from three great bands including thr Rich House band and Hibilly Inc. All proceeds will go to the SGT. James C Robinson Jr scholarship foundation also known as Shabooms Inc .They provide scholarships to local High schools seniors in the communities of Middletown, Monroe, Lebanon, Franklin and Springboro in Honor and memory of Fallen Hero SGT. Robinson.

SGT. Robinson’s Father has this to say about his son:

SGT Jimmy was a Fire Team Leader in the 1st Battalion 187th Infantry Regiment,3rd Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division on his third deployment in a combat zone. “Shabooms,” was a catch phrase he would voice to his men any time one of them lost focus on the Mission at hand. Shabooms was SGT Jimmy’s way of saying pay attention for the sake of your team and yourself.

SGT Jimmy was deployed in 2010 to Paktika Province, Afghanistan. In this region, mortar attacks were an every day occurrence; with rounds falling from the sky up to six days a week. On 28 August, 2010, SGT Jimmy and his platoon were operating out of FOB Borris with Afghan Soldiers when they came under Taliban mortar fire. While looking to seek safety, SGT Jimmy and his battle buddies tried to move locations. In the process, a mortar round landed in front of them, knocking several of the Soldiers to the ground. A Soldier from the group, SSG Reilly, picked up one of the Afghans and headed for cover. SGT Jimmy got to his feet and quickly followed behind, not realizing that he had been hit. As they arrived in the shelter, he told SSG Riley he thought his head was bleeding and then dropped. SSG Riley carried SGT Jimmy to the medic and he was then transported to Bagrahm Air Force Base for extensive medical treatment. While a severe leg wound he got was being tended to, it was unknown that he had taken shrapnel into his heart. The wound had been cauterized causing no external bleeding for the medics to see. After fighting for his country, SGT Jimmy was pronounced killed in action on that day.

We wanted to do something to memorialize SGT Jimmy, to keep his name and story alive so that the Hero from Middletown, that gave his life for our freedoms and Liberties, would never be forgotten. We decided to form a non profit charity Foundation to fund scholarships to local high school seniors in his name.





SGT. James C Robinson Jr Memorial Scholarships to Increase for the Class of 2015
Shabooms awards Scholarships to Local High school seniors in Honor and memory of SGT. James C Robinson Jr who was Killed in Action 28 Aug. 2010 in Afghanistan. They are announcing the increase of their scholarships for 2015.

Middletown, OH, February 22, 2015 –(– Shabooms has announced that they will increase the amount of their SGT. James C Robinson Jr Memorial scholarships for 2015. They will be awarding one scholarship to a Monroe High senor in the amount of $1,000. They also will be awarding five other scholarships to qualified High school senors that live in the communities of Middletown, Monroe, Franklin, Lebanon and Springboro in the amounts of $2,000 each. They said their scholarships are tied to these communities and not these school districts so that means that a recipient could attend a private school like Fenwick or Middletown Christian as long as they live in one of the five communities that Shabooms support.

SGT. Jimmy was a dedicated soldier who would do any job ask of him. He never complained about any task in front of him and to those who did he would give his signature reply “shabooms.” Jimmy did not see himself as a Hero, But to all that knew him he was no less than that. To quote him “Everyone has a job, mine just happens to be a soldier. It’s a job. I just do it.” Family was the most important thing to Jimmy and that why he did the job he did. He served to protect his family back home. His family also included his Brothers at arms that he served with. His blood family was with him in spirit, his Army family was with him every step of the way until he took his last breath. SGT. Jimmy would have taken the bullet for any of them before he would allow them to do so for him. It’s just how he was so selfless and Loving.

SGT. Jimmy was a Monroe High Graduate class of 2001 and was Killed in Action 28, August 2010, Paktika provance Bermal Afghanistan.

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