Shaboom’s Inc. is a nonprofit, tax exempt organization whose mission is to award scholarships to qualified high school students to assist in obtaining the education they need to give them a better chance at gaining rewarding employment and give them moreĀ opportunities in life. This includes that if they so should choose to enlist in our country’s military they would do so with a love for our nation and for the freedom that so many have given their lives defending.

Shaboom’s Inc was established in 2011 in honor of SGT James C. Robinson who was killed in action in the Paktika Provence Bermal Afghanistan on August 28th 2010. The organization raises money for scholarships through fundraisers and donations that both honor “Jimmy” and provide those with financial needs the opportunity they deserve.

Applicants must download and submit the application forms along with a current letter of acceptance to accredited university, and original essay’s. Incomplete packages will not be accepted. Applicants will be selected for scholarship award recommendation based on their eligibility, their commitment to succeed as indicated by academic achievement, personal goals, letters of recommendation and resume, and their original essay response. Scholarship award recommendations and final selection will be at the discretion of Shaboom’s Inc